Drawing and Painting Goals

Right now I’m actually trying to minimize solid, long term goals. I want to keep art as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for now. This way I won’t burn myself out. I have some general direction in mind. I’ve been attracted to concept art for a long time and I’ve found myself with a lot of visual ideas in my head and no good way to express them. So my main, long term goal is to develop ways to express my ideas visually.

The directions that I’ve floated around are extensions of that central goal. I’m interested in developing skills for storyboarding and comics, designing 2D and 3D software and game assets, illustration, and things like landscape and architecture drawing. I don’t have any expectations for actually building a career out of it, but I could see that being something I’d enjoy.

To minimize solid goals and still make steps in the right direction I am setting some soft, short term goals. My goals are centered around relaxation and quantity of work produced. 

I’m trying a handful of different mediums to see what I like. I’m trying to make that as fun as possible with no pressure. So there’s no structure to trying these other than collecting various supplies and playing around with them.

I have a very simple quantity based goal which is to fill one sheet per day. This is incredibly easy to do since scribbling all over it would count as completing that goal. I could do this in a few minutes. I don’t think I’ve had a day so far where I only met this minimum. Even when I’ve felt uninspired, covering one sheet will put me in the mood to do more.

While my quantity goal is daily, I wouldn’t beat myself up for skipping a day here and there. I’d say the goal is more on average than actually daily. So far I have drawn every day, but sometimes things come up and I expect there to be days where I don’t.

For this website and overall project my goal is to be very open about the amount of work it takes to improve at drawing and painting. I think it’s very helpful and inspirational to people just starting to see other people’s progress. I want to share that progress from the beginning.

I’m hoping to show nearly all of the work that I do while learning to draw. This means sharing every crappy scribble, exercise, and embarrassing failure. I expect these things to dwarf any successes for the foreseeable future. I also plan on sharing as much of my mindset and resources as I can.

My hope is that if I can stick to this for long enough it’ll become something people can look at to help them find a path for themselves.