Refocusing Blog: Learning to Draw

I had started a blog about self-education several months ago. After about 20 posts, I fell off the wagon. This happened for a few reasons. Since starting the blog I’ve left my job and become a stay-at-home dad for my son who was born in October. Also, I felt the blog was too broad and I had entirely too many options for what to write about, leaving me with little direction.

I’m going to focus on my attempt to learn to draw, instead of having a broad focus on self-education, careers, and any other related topic. I still plan to write about and apply more general ideas, but I’ll have a specific personal example to work with. I’ll also probably talk about a few related topics like careers and motivation since that easily comes up when you’re developing a skill.

I’ve wanted to learn to draw and paint for a long time. When I was in my teens (I’m currently 30) I used to draw a bit, mostly copying simple drawings from comics. I tried to teach myself from a few books and videos but I never got too far with it. I planned on double majoring Computer Science and Art in college but was talked out of the Art program. Since then my drawing experience has almost entirely been doodles and scribbles in the side of notebooks. Even that I haven't done in years.

What this means is that I’m starting from a mostly blank slate. I may have some basic skill that should be easy for people to achieve quickly. I also have some knowledge about things like light and composition that might be transferrable from my forays into photography. I’m not too great at that either.

My plan is to try to show as much of my practice and work as possible. I’ll also share the resources I’m using and the exercises I’m using to get better. I’ll try to share my mindset as I go through this too. My hope is that I will get much better at drawing over time and I’ll be able to share more-or-less exactly how I did that. That doesn’t mean what I do is right for someone else, but I think seeing the work that goes into learning something is extremely valuable.