A year and a half later

It’s been a year and a half since I last updated this blog. I got a new job and started working full time.

I still am developing myself in a more creative direction but at nowhere near the pace or direction that I was when I started this blog. I do still want to log and track my progress somewhere so I’m picking this back up. So I’m going to redirect the blog in a few ways to reflect my personal changes.

I’m changing the name from The Untrained I to Rendered Useless for two reasons:

  1. I’m going to tone down the direct discussion of self-education.

  2. I’m going to spend a lot more time on 3D art.

Since I last updated I started playing D&D. That came out of left field, I know. I’m the dungeon master and I spend a lot of time preparing for sessions. I also started spending a lot of time making terrain props and painting miniatures. I find this really satisfying.

When I left off I also was just starting to dive into 3D art. I spent some time with it since then, dropped it for a while, and am now picking it back up as where I want to try to take my career. I think it could blend my interest in visual art with my technical capabilities nicely and I’ve found making 3D scenes, by way of D&D props, to be really fun.

This blog will probably take a strong focus on art related to games and movies, as a result. We’ll just see where it goes.